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Everything you need to know about the Trading Online Voucher Scheme

And some things a lot of developers don't want you to know...

What is the Trading Online Voucher?

It is a refund issued by your Local Enterprise Board to help you develop your online sales. You must cover 10% of the cost of the project.

Do I meet the criteria?

In order to qualify for the Trading Online Voucher, the requirements are actually quite low. If you’re a small business or sole trader, odds are you’ll be in good shape. Even if you’ve applied for Trading Online Grant before, you can still be awarded the Trading Online Voucher.

Here are the main requirements:

...but what can I buy with the Trading Online Voucher?

Build a new website with to sell products / appointments

Build a new site with a booking system for appointments or an e-commerce store to sell your physical or digital products online.

Develop a webinar portal for teaching / training

Sell live or pre-recorded coaching, mentoring, fitness sessions to users – accepting payment through your site.

Run your own LMS (Learning management system)

Develop lessons, assessments, certification for your field of expertise and charge visitors for membership.

Rebuild your current site if it's not doing you any favours

Not getting the sales you’d like with your current website build (if any at all)? Now is a great time for a rebuild!

Watch out for cowboy developers!

The second most important thing to consider (the first being money of course) when building or renovating your website is just how many different types of developers there are out there, and how varied their skill levels are.

We’ve put together a list of 33 questions your developer or agency should always be able to answer competently (even if not all of the questions necessarily apply to your specific project) to give you the confidence you’re dealing with professionals…

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