403Page is now open source!

June 10, 2020

Today we did something cool! We published the Frontity theme used for 403page.com (what you're looking at right now).

It's not much... but it's honest work.

It's based on the incredible port of the default WordPress Twenty Twenty theme that Segun Adebayo built for Frontity earlier in the year. That dude is sheer genius and his work allowed me to get up to speed on developing this theme quickly in Frontity.

I did remove 2 components to keep the package as light as possible though. One of them was react-player, which loads the banner video.

The other was mailchimp-subscribe, used in the footer to let you fine folks subscribe to this awesome content (these are very easy to put back if you want them, let me know).

Other than that, the package is identical. In fact, it's too identical. It still has the 403page logo and the social links in the footer.

DISCLAIMER: This is rough work and not production-ready. It's just to give you a head start if you like the design or just want to play about with Frontity as a test. We have lots to optimise, clean up and add so stay tuned!

"Shut up already - how do I get it?"

Alright! Jeez...

Run this in your Frontity project:

npm i @fourothreepage/fourothree-theme --save

Then update your frontity.settings.js so that the package name is @fourothreepage/fourothree-theme (instead of whichever theme is set there already).

You'll want to change the logo first thing. The path is set in /src/components/header.js. But you could just put your own logo.svg in /src/components/images/, overwriting the current one.

Also, you'll definitely want to change the Instagram, Gmail and Twitter links which are set in /src/components/footer.js. Same for the plain text email address.

The package lives here: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@fourothreepage/fourothree-theme

And here's the Github:

Also, come hang out at the Frontity community to see what else is going on - some really cool projects brewing there.